26 January, 2010

The redesign.

My portfolio has needed a redesign for a long, long time. I've put it off. As the old adage goes, "for another day..." But that day has come. I'm glad to say that both my blog and website have been redesigned and updated to show off some of my work to potential clients and the world in general. I hope you like it and will spread the word!

God bless you,

01 July, 2009

Featured Logo on LogoGala.

Nice to get recognition for a logo that I created.

12 March, 2009

I'm tired...

I've been working hard. But it seems like that hasn't been good enough. My work hasn't been that hard. But I don't feel as if I'm getting done with things in a sufficient amount of time. It's crazy that all this is happening right when I'm looking to get married. God has been blessing the planning of Christina and I's wedding. I can't help but smile at how God has supplied for us. Despite us at times.

Marriage can be a scary endeavor. There are many unknowns. I've come to realize on many levels that I am not the "man of God" that I had set myself up to be, in my own head. I have many, many faults. God loves me despite these faults. And I know Christina does the same. It's humbling. As much as I've wanted marriage since I can remember. Now that it's here. It feels like a whirlwind of emotions. Most good. Adding the work thing to it, does not help. But God is good and He provides no matter what. Even if we were down to our last dollar, God has a plan for our growth and maturating in our relationship with Him.

That's all I have. I'm going to get up early and run. Then start work, Lord-willing, with a new attitude. A God-honoring attitude. Not just talking to the talk, but with His help, walking the walk. Lord give me strength!

Through Christ,

19 January, 2009

Posting has been few and far between...

Hi all,

Passions are interesting things. We all have them. They seem to end up being our focus whether we know it or not. I know that my focus in general has been on wedding plans and basketball. These are things that have their purpose in my life right now.

I had a good evening tonight. I find that I have a hard time getting as much done as I'd like to. But in general things are good. Christina and I have been through a lot in the last couple months. Learning more and more about each other. Realizing that our plans are not always God's plans. It's tough to go through hard times when things seem to be going wrong constantly and the only way to get through is to let God be in the forefront of our minds.

When you go a while without expressing yourself in blog form it can be difficult to think outside of your head. I find it very difficult basically b/c of the work environment I have. I spend a lot of time on AIM but not a lot of time in person or on the phone. I think in some ways I'm hurting from lack of contact outside of friends/church and Christina. But when I reflect, I do find that I spend a decent amount of time in contact with other people. I even want more time to myself than I think I need. It's easy to get a little catacomb in my apartment and engulf yourself in well...yourself. It's not healthy. I think the main reason it's not healthy is that whenever we give ourselves too much time to reflect/over-think things, we have a tendency to be weird.

I don't know if a lot of this makes sense but I'm glad that I have human interaction as much as I do and I do look forward to being able to experience more friendships and relationships in the years to come. With whom I can share life with and share my love for Christ.

Thanks for listening to the babbling of a "work from home" designer. I promise to be more clear next time. Lord-willing.


30 August, 2008

It's August 30, 2008 and this is the last time that it's going to be this day...

Today is the last time it'll be August 30,2008. Ever.

I tend to take today for granted. I crawl out of bed, I don't jump out of bed, well rarely. I sludge through the day. Enjoying the idea that work is going to end at some point but not soon enough. Why don't I appreciate the day for what it's worth. Realizing that we only have so many to play with.

My week has been interesting. My girlfriend Christina went home to Indiana on Monday and I had 2 weeks of time to myself. I'd say that most guys would jump at that chance. Especially if you enjoy your "alone" time. I'd even say that some adore their free time away from their significant other. Well at the least it's been a week of introspection and God-seeking.

I've realized a lot about myself in the last week. I've realized that I was using the idea of "having a girlfriend" around which can be time consuming just by the very nature of it, often as an excuse to be lazy. When I got free time during the week or the weekend if she was working or something I'd make up an excuse to veg in front of the TV. "I mean I deserve it right?!" is just an example of one of my thought processes and shoot, I had to fight that urge just a little earlier today. Even though I have a ton to do and get organized and I was really looking forward to the process of cleaning some stuff up and getting some personal projects working. I still almost found a way to sit on the couch and veg. Where is this default way of thinking coming from? I know part of this has stemmed from what I saw my dad do for years and years. I mean "Those Yankees games won't watch themselves, right?" But I can't blame my relatives for decisions that I make every day. God has called us to so much more and if our parents were our excuse to not do things in life, then why not waste my life away, what good is doing anything unless it's for my pleasure?

Another thing I learned about myself was how I haven't been living with enough purpose lately. And in a lot of ways I was bringing Christina down with me. Not to say she isn't able to live for God without my help, but to lead in a relationship is to take the reigns on things when it seems like they're going astray and bring the topic up between us, so we can work things out in a fashion that honors and glorifies God. I definitely hadn't been doing that. I haven't been communicating well at all.

So the goal of this post was not to rant necessarily but to show anyone who could be reading this what's been going on in this mind of mine and ask for prayer in moving forward in a way that honors God. I have no interest in just talking about these things but actually doing something about them.

Thanks for reading.

Through Christ,
Matt Gavenda
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08 April, 2008

How to make arrows in Photoshop CS...

So I know this might not be true for Photoshop CS2 or CS3 for that matter. But for Photoshop CS which is the one I have on my work computer. I was always dumbfounded that there wasn't an easy way to make an arrow. Illustrator and InDesign have the options to make them through the Line Tool. So I found the option to make an arrow while looking to make a star shape. And I'll give a little tutorial as to where it is...

Basically, if you go to the Shape tool, most default to the Rectangle Tool in your toolbar.

Go down to custom shape. At the top of the page you'll see the options for that.

You should see a "Shape:" text with a box and a drop down option to the right of that.

If you click the drop down part you have a whole host of shapes there to choose from including the Arrow shape as well as other useful shapes like a heart, checkmark, target, lightbulb, copyright mark, registered mark and trademark.

So that's the easy way to find that and make use of shapes that before I found them, had to be created by hand in Photoshop and really were a pain and time waster.

Thank you for your time!
Matt Gavenda

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16 February, 2008

How can I spend my time better?

I have tons to do today. But I definitely wanted to get some thoughts out on the web, here.

I seem to have a tendency to become addicted/interested in story lines through TV shows. The most recent example of this is the Lost series. I watched the first couple shows way back when it first came out, in the first season. But I had lost track of it (pun not intended). But now that I have the option of watching online. I decided to go back and watch from the beginning until I got through the first 3 seasons before I would watch season 4. I've enjoyed this throughly. But I've been spending a ton of time on it. As you can imagine. I don't have any other addictions, but it seems I have this quasi one in the form of these TV shows. Other examples include Chuck, Jericho, NCIS and Bones.

There is no real difference between this addiction and any other addiction. They just seem to affect different things. While this doesn't necessarily "hurt" me in any way. It does end up taking priority over things that could be of much more use.

I don't know how I feel about this. But the fact of the matter, is that it's taking up too much time. I could say that I'm not going to watch Lost anymore. Cut it off cold turkey...I could say that I'll watch through the rest of this season to catch me up and then I'll just watch when it's on. Or I could say, it doesn't hurt anyone.

But what am I'm called to? God wants priority. But how much of the time, do we give Him priority? It's easy and comfortable to waste time. Time is our most precious resource but most easily abused.

So I know what I should do. Now will I do it. Or stay stuck in my rut? Am I a man of God seeking His will in everything? Or am I posing as one? Ultimately serving myself?! This needs some prayer. I need to seek Scripture to back this up.

He wants our lives, not just 10 to 30 minutes a day, if that.

Are you giving God priority?